Appliance Repair Teaneck

Dryer Repair

At Appliance Repair Teaneck we specialize in a wide array of service related options for your residential dryer. We have been providing trusted dryer repair in Teaneck, NJ for quite some time. In addition, we offer dependable installation service as well. Our appliance technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to service all major appliances in the home. We believe that we are the most effective washer and dryer repair team in town. No one in the area responds faster or better prepared to complete the task effectively. Our rates are low and our quality of service high. We are simply the very best at what we do.Dryer Repair Teaneck

The Service Specialists

Teaneck Appliance Repair is a residential dryer service specialist. We know what makes this appliance tick and we know exactly what to do in order to keep it well maintained. Our service begins with a friendly tech showing up right on time and ready to work. The work van is always completely stocked with any parts the tech might need to properly care for your unit. We promise to provide superior customer service at a very competitive price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We Install Dryers Right

We offer superb electric and gas dryer installation service. Our skilled technicians have installed many different types of these appliances over the years. We make certain that every unit is operating safely and effectively before we ever depart your home. It is imperative that the dryer hose is connected properly from the unit to the vent to ensure hot air can escape the home efficiently. We excel at this service.

The Ultimate Repair

Our dryer repair service is top notch. We will replace broken belts, burnt out heating elements and bad motors as needed. Our truck is stocked with an assortment of fuses, drum rollers and door switches as well. We keep every part we need on hand to ensure the fastest service possible. Contact Appliance Repair Teaneck today for reliable dryer repair in Teaneck, NJ.


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