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Refrigerator Repair

The appliance experts at Appliance Repair Teaneck know a thing or two about refrigerator repair. We enjoy administering fast, effective and competitively priced fridge service to the residential community in Teaneck, New Jersey. You will not find anyone else in town that fixes refrigerators as well as our highly trained technicians. Our services are highly sought after because we fix all makes and models efficiently. We have become one of the most popular service providers for refrigerator repair in Teaneck. Our hard work ethics, friendly approach and the professional results we provide have earned us the respect of all which we have enjoyed the pleasure of serving.Refrigerator Repair Teaneck

When to Call Us

The best time to call us is when you first notice there is a problem. Our refrigerator service is guaranteed and we provide it in a friendly manner. Each refrigerator technician on our crew is polite, helpful and respectful. Some of the reasons you may want to call us for include a unit that is getting power, but it is not running. The problem here could be a defective temperature control, start relay or even a faulty compressor. Of course there are other things that could cause this problem too.

If your unit is running constantly, but is not keeping the fridge cool than chances are there is low refrigerant or you need a temperature control adjustment. When your unit runs continuously and is not cooling this could also be caused by a bad evaporator fan, defrost timer, condenser fan and more. When the unit is making a lot of noise it could be the evaporator or condenser fan or a problem in the compressor. We carry plenty of replacement parts and can detect these problems fast.

The fridge repair team at Teaneck Appliance Repair is dedicated to providing the most effective customer service possible. Our fridge technician is experienced, highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable about all major home appliances. Call us today for dependable refrigerator repair in Teaneck, New Jersey.

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